Maslenitsa in kindergarten

We celebrated maslentisa by taking part in a range of activities outdoor and indoor. Our outdoor activities consisted of an obstacle course, throwing activity and races. For each activity there was an opportunity for the children to win a first, second or third medal. Once the outdoor activities were complete all of the children waved goodbye to the malsentisa doll and hung their wishes on the tree.

Inside the children had lots of different activities they could choose from. In the nursery classrooms there were activities such as making maslentisa dolls out of fabric, making play dough pancakes and sticking the children’s premade maslentisa pictures on one huge piece of card to create a kindergarten collage. In the reception classrooms there was the opportunity to play pin the nose on the snowman and to make Baranki necklaces. The children had a fantastic time and at the end of the celebrations every child was awarded with a small prize for participating.