Tsaritsyno Palace trip - year 4, 5, 7

Tsaritsyno Palace trip - year 4, 5, 7

For Humanities Week, the students of AIS were studying castles. As part of this year 4,5 and 7 went on a trip to Tsaritsyno Palace in Moscow on Wednesday.

The pupils left school filled with excitement to visit and study the palace.

Upon arrival they were met by their tour guides. They began the trip by walking along the manmade lakes and the discussing the uses of the lakes.

They made comparisons between the palace and medieval castles, looking in particular at the design of the bridges and how the towers on each side had thick stone walls.

They were brought to the small palace where banquets and entertaining took place. The grounds were spectacular and the children enjoyed walking around and viewing the different parts of the palace.

They studied a miniature model to see how the castle looked in the past. They were shocked to find that one of the biggest and prettiest parts of the palace was actually the kitchen!

Tsaritsyno is now a museum and so the children had the opportunity to view the rooms as they were 300 years ago in Empress Catherine’s time. They were fascinated by all the gold and marble.

The pupils were even allowed to visit the rooms where money was kept from the past and walked down the beautiful marble stairs used by Empress Catherine herself.

The tour was very interesting and the children learned lots more information about life in a palace. They were able to compare this knowledge with what they had learnt throughout the week about castles from medieval times