Humanities week - Castles

Humanities week - Castles

In AIS Skolkovo this week we have been celebrating humanities week. For this week we decided to focus on castles.

Focus: Castles.

We had lots of fun this week learning all about the first castles, Norman castles, life inside a castle, being under attack, the people in medieval times and castles around the world.

The pupils learned lots of information about castles and created 3D castles, created large castle and knight painting. They also wrote castle reports and lots more.

The children took part in a competition where they had to design their own shield. Each pupil created their own shield and then a winner was picked from upper primary, lower primary and Reception.

The winners from each group were:

Reception: Bella (Miss Deirdre’s Class)

Lower Primary: Masha Yu (Miss Natalie’s Class, Year 2)

Upper Primary: Leya (Miss Therese’s Class, Year 3)

 Congratulations to everyone!

We’d like to thank the teachers, children and parents for making this week such a success.

Ms. Aisling & Ms. Deirdre

Humanities Week Co-ordinators.