Historical Costumes day

On Friday 1st November, CIS Skolkovo had a special historical costume day to celebrate the learning carried out during Humanities Week.

 Children and teachers were encouraged to dress up as a character of their choice from medieval times. Both the children and teachers made a terrific effort and their costumes were very creative! The medieval characters gathered together in the assembly hall where they met many other lords, ladies, jesters, knights, peasants and even a few dragons! Prizes and House Points were awarded for the most creative costumes in Reception, Lower Primary and Upper Primary. There was also a competition between the teachers for the most creative costume, and it was difficult to recognise some of them in their armour!

 The winners:


  • Roman (Miss Deirdre’s Class)
  •  Lower Primary:

    • 1st: Eva-Maria (Year 1)
    • 2nd: Mark (Year 2)
    • 3rd: Fedor (Year 1)
    •  Upper Primary:

      • 1st: Masha I (Year 3 Miss Aisling’s Class)
      • 2nd: Artur (Year 3 Miss Therese’s Class)
      • 3rd: Maryios (Year 5)
      •  Congratulations to the winners and to all the children for participating in this event. It was great fun for everyone involved and the teachers really enjoyed dressing up too!

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