Humanities week - Table quiz

Humanities week - Table quiz

This week CIS Skolkovo took part in their first school table quiz.

Each pupil belongs to a school house and therefore the teams consisted of a range of pupils from each house from year 1 to year 7.

There were 15 teams in our table quiz which took place on Friday November 1st. The quiz was based entirely on castles. The questions were created taking into account the areas covered by each class during this week.

The quiz consisted of six question rounds, some questions were true or false questions, some were multiple choice but most questions needed the team members to put their thinking caps on and try to remember the information they learnt about castles this week. The final round was a picture round where the pupils had to identify different parts of a castle.

This event was great fun and all of the children on each team had questions that were studied by their class. It was a challenge to remember all the information but the teachers were delighted to see so much team work and cooperation by all the pupils.

At the end of the final round, all of the points accumulated throughout the seven rounds were added together and we could see our top three teams.

  • In 3rd place: Alps Team (Winning 5 house points)
  • In 2nd place: Himalayas Team (Winning 10 house points)
  • In 1st place: Atlas Team (Winning 20 house points)
  • Well done to everyone who took part in the quiz.

    We look forward to our next CIS Skolkovo Table Quiz