Karate tournament

On December 8th in Dolgoprudnyi city the Kosiki karate tournament "Mayor’s Open Cup " took place. Over150 athletes from 10 clubs, both in and around Moscow, came to the event! A team of 26 athletes from DYUSK "Kosiki karate" came hoping to win!

Result: 22 Medals! 9 medals were awarded to CIS-Skolkovo training center:

  • 3 GOLD: Souden Akim, Chernyak Evgeniy, Litovkin Lev
  • 4 SILVER: Nersisian Gleb, Khanamiryan Artur, Abubakarov Muslim, O'Sullivan George
  • 2 BRONZE: Lopatina Anna, Abbasov Fakhri
  • A huge ‘cheers’ for all who took part in the tournament: you have gained some valuable competition experience. Congratulations to our the winners and champions! We look forward to new victories in the future!