Christmas quiz

Christmas quiz

Today the pupils from upper primary took part in a Christmas Quiz. The quiz consisted of fun questions based on Christmas traditions from around the world. However, the teachers also challenged the children with some questions regarding subjects studied throughout the year.

Each team consisted of children from year three, four, five and seven. The team names were based on common Christmas symbols. The pupils had lots of fun answering the questions and felt the anticipation of hearing the correct answers called out by the MC Ms. Claire.

The winning team was called ‘New Year’. The pupils on this team were Liza-Maria and Leya from Year Three, Milena and Boris from Year Four, Marijus and Aylin from Year Five and Ivan from Year Seven. Each member of the winning team got a large bar of chocolate and two house points each.

The runner up team was called ‘Sleigh Bells’. The pupils on this team were Lev and Mustafa from Year Three, Amin from Year Four, Ruslan, Izabella and Murat from Year Five and Muslim from Year Seven. Each member from this team collected one point for their houses.

A fun morning was morning was had by all.