Science Day

On Friday 31st January AIS Skolkovo had its Science Day after a week of Science related activities. The students in each class carried out an investigation of one of the topics from the Cambridge Curriculum: Biology, Physics or Chemistry.

The focus for Science Week was on enhancing the students’ Scientific Enquiry skills. Most classes started with a question or a hypothesis, such as ‘Which fabric makes the best insulator?’ or ‘Can we make our own pH indicator?’. The students then researched the topic and planned an investigation, making predictions and controlling variables to ensure they made a fair test. Students learned how to use apparatus safely and correctly, making observations and taking measurements to collect data. The students then had to choose how to present this data, e.g. using a table or chart or a graph. Based on these results, the students could then make conclusions related to the original question.

In Nursery, Reception and Year 1, students investigated sinking and floating, making predictions, carrying out an investigation with different items and observing what happened. Year 2 made paper helicopters, exploring the concept of forces - air resistance and gravity. Year 3A made kites, exploring the forces of lift using a household fan. Year 3B investigated kinetic energy using a wooden car and an inclined plane. Year 4 made an experiment testing the effectiveness of different fabrics as insulators using cups of snow wrapped in fabric and timing how long it took to melt. Year 5 explored the solar system, researching facts about our neighbouring planets. Year 7 investigated acids and alkalis, looking at chemical reactions, the corrosive effects of soft drinks on egg shells, and making their own pH indicator from red cabbage.

All students enjoyed exploring these concepts and there were many great ideas explaining ‘why?’ on the day. We have many potential Scientists here at AIS!