Darwin museum excursion

On this week (31.03 – 4.04) excursions for students of Year 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 to the Darwin’s museum were organized.

Year2 went to an exciting journey with a fun guide Kolobok and found out about animals from fairy tales and wild nature. Excursion was conducted in a fun way with using records of the voices of different animals.

Students of Year 4, 5, 7 visited an excursion “In the world of ancient animals” where they been told about the occurrence and development of life on the Earth.  They learned about the stone chronicles and amazing ancestors of modern animals. 

About the excursions:

          «It was very interesting because we’ve gotten a lot of new knowledge and information. I really liked when dinosaurs seemed to be alive and started to scream».  Polina

 «Our guide was telling us about animals before our era in a very interesting way. I also liked beautiful and bright colors, questions and answers ».  Dinara

«The excursion was very interesting. To be honest, I thought that there were no animals before dinosaurs. I’ve learned a lot of interesting facts. I recommend you to visit Darwin’s museum too ». Frosya