Gardening at CIS

Gardening at CIS

This week Year Three, Four, Five and Seven started gardening at AIS!

The pupils of Upper Primary were divided into four groups and each group was responsible for one square of ground. They began by preparing the ground for the new soil. Everyone had lots of fun getting their hands dirty. Once the ground was ready they filled it with soil.

When they had finished leveling out the new soil the children then used string to plan their garden design. Each group used the string to create the shapes that they wanted to plant their flowers in.

Once all shapes were ready the pupils began planting. Each group had a range of flowers and also seeds. The pupils discussed how to sow the plants properly and were shown one example. Then they were ready to plant by themselves.

When they were finished they each placed a garden gnome onto their square to take care of their flowers. The children were very happy and proud with their creation.

Feel free to ask your children to show you their flower garden when you pick them up.