Sports Day

Sports Day

Students at AIS Skolkovo braved the cool, rainy weather to participate in many exciting games and a picnic lunch. Children were put into four teams and were challenged to complete activities set for them by Ms. Aisling and Mr. Ryan.

To start the day, students competed in a mini football tournament that showcased their skills and ability. Both girls and boys showed great sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the football tournament.

Our next challenge was rightly named, “The aMAZEing Race”! Two teams competed with one another while starting at different ends of the maze. Each team had to make it from one end to the other before the other team finished. Students braved the dangerous race and tried their hardest to win.

The last two competitions were the wheelbarrow race and the leap frog race. Students quickly realized the importance of team work and communication during these challenges. Students were pushed to run and hop as fast as they could.

We finished sports day with a delicious pizza and fresh fruit picnic outside. Our pizza was made in house by our wonderful kitchen staff who know how to create healthy but child friendly food. Fresh cut oranges, bananas and pears were laid out for students to eat at their own leisure. Mr. Ryan and Ms. Aisling were very happy to see students eating more fruit than pizza today!