First, we were shown by one of the ladies who worked there into a room full of beautifully decorated trees. We chose our favorites and talk about why we liked them. Then we were shown a film about how decorations are made and we spoke about all of the interesting things they do at the factory. After that we got to decorate our own Christmas bauble with patterns and pictures and got to color it with glitter of different colors. We were excited about it!

While our colorfully decorated Christmas baubles dried, we were taken on a tour of the shop. We saw ladies heating up and blowing in glass to make Christmas decorations, it reminded us of our science topic of how material change. Even all of the teachers got to try blowing the glass to make some Christmas decorations. Some were better than others at doing this. Next we went into a special room where all of the students got a turn coloring a Christmas glass bauble by spray painting it. It was a fantastic excursion full of Christmas spirit and fun!