Letter from Ms Dee

Dear Parents,


We are all so excited about the new cloakrooms.

There is now sufficient space for all of the children and they all have their own space. I am sure you will agree, it really was worth the wait.  The children are becoming so much more independent and thank you for working with us by allowing them to sort their own things out, I am sure, in this new cloakroom, the children are not likely to lose anything.

Please, may I ask that parents to continue to allow their children to learn independence and find their own way down in the morning and evening. It is an essential life skill and something I feel quite strongly about. 

Firstly, I want to thank the teachers for producing such succinct and good reports for each child. I have heard only good feedback from parents regarding these interim reports. Secondly, I want to thank the parents for taking the time and effort to come to make an appointment, come to school and discuss the progress of their children.

I think the children also need to get some credit, they have worked very hard. As I am sure you all know, this triangle between parent, child and teacher is, in my opinion, essential. I described it to one parent this way: 'It's like magic when the trio collaborate....the children make so much progress" which is really what we want. I must say, the children have all settled in so well after the holidays and have returned with fervour and desire to work hard and make progress.

I am so pleased to see so many children come to school on time. It is very important to be mentally as well as; physically prepared for the day ahead.

Children are classified as late if they come after 8:20 am. Please continue to send your children to school on time as well as ensuring that they attend each day. Vital learning takes place every day and they miss out on so much if they are away. 

This coming week, we will be focussing on the Science and the topic: How big is big and how small is small". The pupils have really become so interested and are already producing facts and fascinating thoughts about this topic, which is quite broad, but can lead to so much. This week, we will be measuring trees, participating in various experiments and investigating the topic deeper so that your children, who are already so interested in Science, will become even more intrigued. 

As the weather turns to winter, I would like to ask that parents ensure that your children all bring a suitable hat, gloves and warm scarf as well as warm winter coats to go outside for the lunchtime play. You may also want to send a change of trousers (snow pants) as the weather can sometimes be wet, due to the snow, and the children need to change their clothes. 

Your continued support and help in all things are greatly appreciated. 


Ms Dee