Letter from Mr Timothy

Letter from Mr Timothy

Dear Parents,


Welcome back! We all hope that you had great holidays and it is nice to see you and the children back and excited to tell us all about the interesting places they went and lovely things they have been up to, it is so great to hear the children telling lots of exciting stories about Dubai, Cyprus and not forgetting the fun things they can do here in Moscow!

It was also good to see so many of you at parent’s evenings, if there was a reason you couldn’t take it please make an appointment directly with the class teacher, they will be more than happy to speak with you. The children all seemed to have great fun at this weeks Science Day and it was good to see them enjoying so many different activities, the space explorers looked very exciting

 With the changing weather please make sure the children come to school with gloves, coat, scarf and hat. There are lots of cute hats around at the moment and each day I think I have a new favourite!

Our greatest concern is the children’s welfare so if your child is ill or recovering from an illness please let the class teacher or TA know in person, or in writing, otherwise we will be doing our best to make sure that the children get as much sunlight and healthy fresh air as possible, as long as it is not too cold or wet. 

Please remember that if you have any concerns then your child’s teacher will be happy to help, and if not I will do my best to see you whenever possible, often it is best to make an appointment if possible. 

Christmas planning is well underway and rehearsals have commenced- a very exciting concert has been planned.

We are all looking forward to carrying on what, so far, is a really good year and it is lovely to see the children making even more progress and building on the great starts they have made to the year.


Best wishes
Mr Tim Aviss