Brazilian newspaper “Joca”

This week we have some very exciting news! In correspondence with one of the leading newspaper for children in Brazil, Joca, our year 7 and 8 journalism students have written an article about the 100-year anniversary of the October Revolution. The students in year 7 and 8 took time out of their history class to reflect on the what the Revolution means to Russians today and how it may have affected their lives.

Led by year 7 student Inna Timonina, the Journalism Club gathered all of the answers and wrote an article. The article was translated into Portuguese and is now being read by students from all over Brazil! We hope that future opportunities to collaborate with other magazines from all over the world will arise in the future. You can read the article in our November edition of The Festivalnaya Student Voice!

Speaking of the Festivalnaya Student voice, the new issue will be out next week! This issue will cover Science week as well as some new monthly articles written by our students.  

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