From the Secondary School Head Teacher - 5

As the days become shorter, and the weather colder, it can mean only one thing- December examinations are imminent!

Before we can allow the pupils their freedom to enjoy the as yet unseen snow; and to relax over the Christmas and New Year break, we must first ascertain how much they have learnt.

Therefore, it is imperative that all pupils are in attendance next week so that we can see how much progress they have made over the course of the year.

Attendance at school is vital for pupil’s success during this assessment week, and also in general as the pupils with the highest levels of attendance are the one who make the greatest level of progress throughout the academic year. We will be focussing on pupil attendance from January to ensure that all pupils are exceeding the minimum goal of 95% attendance in Term 3.

Running alongside our preparations for exams, are the preparations for our Christmas production- ‘The Trail of Goldilocks’, as well as the first Secondary School Dance, to be held this afternoon. The pupils themselves have taken the leading roles in the preparation for these events and all the teachers in the Senior School at Skolkovo are looking forward to the witnessing their creations.

Selection and interviews for pupil leadership positions are ongoing as we continue our search for a Head Prefect, Class Prefects and Pupil Representatives to build up our first pupil leadership and representative teams here at Skolkovo. The Prefect team will be responsible for supporting the teaching body in school activities and the overall running of the school; and the representative team will be responsible for bringing the ideas and wishes of the pupils to the school administration in order to ensure that we are providing the ideal learning environment at Skolkovo.

We look forward to seeing all parents at the Christmas production.

Daniel Lee
Secondary School Head Teacher