Why do we love to sleep?

Throughout the term we have been discussing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Learning about good habits in the way we treat our bodies from the inside to the outside and we have learnt about the importance of exercise and eating well.

We now understand that our bodies are machines that keep us going through every day and need to be taken care of. Additionally, we think that following a healthy lifestyle could inspire others into improve their own.

One factor that is implicit in following a healthy lifestyle is sleeping.

Yes sleeping!

Not only do we love sleeping, we understand its importance and how a good rest is necessary to be productive, and be the best that you can be every day. Sleeping well helps you get through a day in school, aids your learning and understanding in each lesson and makes you feel even more active and enthusiastic; as well as more aware and focused.

Sleeping also makes you happy, and when you are happy you infect others with good energy and positivity. Therefore, having a good night's sleep improves your personal and academic life and makes you a positive person.

Our students suggest the following:

  • We love to sleep because we forget about stress, problems, pain and homework for a while.
  • We love to sleep because it's the best way to indulge yourself.
  • It makes time go faster.
  • When you rest, you have dreams.
  • Sleeping gives you energy, especially when you are very tired.
  • When you sleep well you feel warm and you can relax, there is nothing to worry about and your mind could just de-stress.
  • A good sleep is necessary for you to be energetic and focused in your life.

    Studies show that teenagers need between 9 and 9.5 hours of sleep per night, however, most teenagers are only getting approximately 7 hours per night.

    Sleep improves your health, as your organs will have a good rest and as you will function better.

    You, your body and, most importantly, your brain needs it!

    So, eat well, exercise often and have a good sleep every night, because exams are coming and you will need all your concentration and energy to succeed.


    Alejandra Chaker & Year 8