Five reasons to choose Cambridge International School for your child.

Reason № 1 — studying in English

All subjects in our school are taught in English, and all the teachers of the Cambridge International School are native speakers from more than 30 countries.

Reason № 2 — a full cycle of education

You do not need to look for a «decent» kindergarten, then a decent school, and after additional preparatory courses for admission to the university. Our school provides a full cycle of education, which includes a kindergarten, preparation for school and, of course, a strong middle and high school. The CIS teaching program is designed for children from 3 to 18 years old.

Reason № 3 — Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

Students of our school have a unique opportunity to pass the Cambridge international examinations. They are recognized by all the higher educational institutions of the world, as they belong to the highest educational standards.
Education at our school is built on the original Cambridge examinations program, as well as the British national. Moreover, pupils can also choose to study the Russian curriculum. Active in-depth training begins during the pre-school period. In high school students take the international examinations IGCSE, AS and A Level.

Reason № 4 — personal development.

Every child is a person. The task of our teachers is to develop and reveal their personality. The school created an ideal environment for the personal development of students. You can verify this by reading the «Welcome to CIS» section on our website.

Reason № 5 — an interesting afterschool program.

Our students are not obsessed with just studying. They have the opportunity to deal not only with school subjects. Sport, music, technical clubs and other afterschool activities are available at CISRussia. Your child will find just what he is looking for.
And most importantly — we love our students. We create all conditions for learning to bring not only knowledge and practical benefits, but also a real pleasure. If you are still thinking about whether to assign your child to the Cambridge International School, sign up for an excursion and come to see the school. We are sure that you will definitely make the right choice in favour of quality education at Cambridge International School Russia.