Book review: I-FUNNY

The book is called “I-FUNNY”, it was written by James Patterson. The book is about one funny boy. The book goes along telling about the interesting life of Jamie. Even though he is a funny and positive boy, he faces challenges. We know from the very beginning of the book that Jamie is physically disabled, but not until the end of the first book we know why he is like that. In my opinion, this was a great addition to the book which kind of contrasts the funny and tragic nature of the book.

The plot of book starts off with telling you about the daily routine of Jamie: going to school, learning, doing homework, spending time with friends, and almost everything there is to a day. Even though Jamie is disabled, the book doesn’t revolve around that fact. After reading a few chapters about the people surrounding him and his everyday life, you know that Jamie is one funny boy. Throughout the book Jamie is working on his comedian skills to win the “The Funniest Kid in America” competition.

I would recommend this book to someone is looking for a relaxed reading. This series has 3 books in it, so that will keep you occupied for a long time. I would also recommend this book to someone who’s trying to learn how to draw, because it has simple, but very nice illustrations. I would like to especially credit the people who made the character designs.

Anton Semykin, Year 9 student

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