Interview with Alessandro Menassa

Interview with Alessandro Menassa.

What books did you read during the summer?

In summer I read several books: “The boy named Harry and his dog named Potter”, “The pencil and Samodelkin”, “ The ghost in the metro”.

Why did you like those books?

I liked the fact that they are all fantasies. I love magic and everything unexplored.

Which of these books would you recommend to your classmates?

I would recommend the book “ The boy named Harry and his dog named Potter” because it is a very interesting fairy tale. A 9-year-old boy named Harry is friends with a dog named Potter, who is a pupil of the famous Magic School. All the teachers there are animals, and the school is located in a mysterious forest. I strongly recommend this book.

Interview with Salimov Timur

Which books that you read during the summer you liked most?

I liked the book called “Alladin’s magic lamp”. In this book the poor become rich. I would recommend this book to everyone. It teaches to be kind. By reading a book you always learn something.

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