Book review. "Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero"

The story Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero is about a Roman demi-god (half god, half human) getting his memory wiped and getting transferred by the Greek goddess of marriage, Hera, from the Roman demi-god camp, to the Greek demi-god camp.

The three main characters go on a quest to find Hera and release her from a high-security prison called the Wolf House, which is controlled by giants who are draining her life force to awaken their king, who is Porphyrion. They meet a lot of challenges along the way that are thrilling to read about. This book is full of action and adventure which makes it a very interesting and fun read! Plus, there are many books in the series so if you like the first one, there are more adventures that lie ahead.

I would recommend this book to students aged 9 and older, who like fictional, yet scary stories – with some comedy mixed in.


Josh Bonici, Year 7 Student
Festivalnaya Campus

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