Cambridge Chess Championship 2024 in Tashkent

Cambridge Chess Championship 2024 in Tashkent

On the 17th of February over 140 participants gathered to showcase their chess skills and battle it out on the board. The atmosphere was electric as the tension built with each move!

After seven intense rounds of chess, the top contenders emerged to compete in the finals. They were the best of the best, ready to leave it all on the board for the ultimate victory! 


  • 1. Avazkhonov Alikhon
  • 2. Sukhropov Alisher
  • 3. Yuldashev Akrom

Congratulations to all the participants for their passion, dedication, and sportsmanship. Every move played was a testament to their love for the game!

The Cambridge Chess Championship 2024 will be remembered as a thrilling display of strategic mastery. We look forward to more exciting battles next academic year!