"Cambridge Connect 2018" team buildiing session

«CIS Connect» is our annual team building session. Last Thursday and Friday, our team from across the three campuses made its way to the hotel and spa Tsargrad set outside the idyllic village of Pushchino. There we enjoyed productive training sessions, discussion, and a lot of fun!
We invited outside trainers to lead some of the sessions. Through games, discussions, and plenty of laughter, Christopher Gayford spoke about overcoming fears and anxiety. Meanwhile, Professor Tim Cain gave a lection called «Global Perspectives on Learning and Teaching». How is  knowledge learnt? How does memory work? It  offered some preparation for staff on  the teaching our new subject, Global Perspectives. And Natalya Kiselyova, our new Russian Curriculum Head Teacher, gave a  workshop about the Russian curriculum at our school and how we  can develop and improve it.
Following the training, we tried our hand at the traditional Russian craft of painting on wood! Everyone enjoyed the process of creating colourful patterns on wooden boards using gouache.
Thank you for these amazing two days of learning, discussions, new ideas, and much more!

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