Cambridge Summer School

Cambridge Summer School is a very interesting and exciting summer filled with adventures. Cambridge Summer School is perfect for kids to improve their level of English, spend their summer holidays profitably and meet lots of new friends. For two weeks, students will be involved in interactive lessons, workshops, outside games, excursions and creative activities.

This year, the Cambridge Summer School programme is dedicated to modern science and royal sports.
In the first week, children will learn about new technologies of XXI century: robotics, virtual reality, 3D modelling, rocket science, and animation.
In the second week, children will have an opportunity to go in for royal sports like crossbow and rifle shooting, horse riding, rock climbing, fencing, and karting. 

If you wish to enrol your child in Cambridge Summer School, please feel free to contact our afterschool activities coordinator Ivan Smagin at or +7 (909) 156-03-30.

Mr Ivan, Afterschool Activities Coordinator – Moscow campus