Christmas Concert Christmas Triptych

We cordially invite you to join our students at Christmas concerts and watch their quest for justice in our very adventurous Christmas Triptych "Gotta Find 'Em All".

  • 12 December at 10:00 – Early Years - Year 2: “Christmas Triptych: Part 1”
  • 13 December at 10:00 – Year 3 - Year 6: “Christmas Triptych: Part 2”
  • 14 December at 15:00 – Year 7 - Year 9: “Christmas Triptych: Part 3”

The evil Laziness, Silliness and Closed Minds got into school and robbed it of the keepers of houses Jacque Cousteau, Nelson Mandela and Amelia Earhart; all the teachers and all the books. The school is now completely empty! Our students have to come together and help the school. Each Key Stage has their own artefact to find – it's all about being a team!

Part I. The youngest kids will go on an adventure through Sea, Air, and Land on a quest to find the keepers of houses. They will have the help of Intelligence, Enthusiasm and Open Minds. The spectators will help them guess what keeper is hiding at every magical location.

Part II. After finding all the keepers, Key Stage 2 will now be responsible to find all the missing teachers. To do that, they have to realise how they need to act in school and find the magic tools to boost up their knowledge – then the teachers will come back.

Part III. Key Stage 3 now has the task of bringing back all the books to school. It seems to be easy but they have to go through quite a bit of magic too! Their journey is going to full of emotions and revelations.

Looking forward to welcoming you at our Christmas concerts!

Ms Angelika, Performing Arts Teacher