CIS Education

CIS Education

As a parent, you want your children to learn all that they can, to be curious about exploring the world, as well as learn how to read and write. Did you know that you can help your son or daughter academically by playing with them outside of school?

Connecting play to learning creates curiosity!

Learning about rock formations and pond life is a magical experience, when the child sees the contents of their text book leap into the real world. From educational play we see the child go back to the book, deepening their natural desire to explore further and discover more.   

Encouragement of play fosters perseverance, attention and problem-solving skills – all vital in life. These factors are imperative towards positive learning. From playing with board games to Hide and Seek, the child learns to navigate the world of rules (written and unwritten) to find solutions. Through play, parents and children can try out strategies for putting the pieces together…console one another in defeat and take pleasure in success.  Exploring different ways to become successful develops persistence too. Playing with your children helps keep them engaged – and determination is a quality which pays dividends in the classroom. 

To conclude – play and learning belong together. So always make time for play.


Mr Conor Murray, Year 4 Teacher