New Cambridge course

Global Perspectives is a new Cambridge course that we are implementing this academic year at Festivalnaya. The idea of Global Perspectives is that we teach students skills that they can use in their future education and their future careers. The skills taught to the students are Research, Analysis, Evaluation, Communication, Collaboration, and Reflection. With these skills, our students will be completing projects throughout the school year. Some of these projects will include: assemblies, walkthroughs, campaigns, and others. The goal of these projects is to get the students to practice the six skills as well as consider topics on a personal, local, and global level. In order to keep the students interested, the topics are modern day challenges and issues that the students will face as they grow older. The list of topics includes such items as: Disease and health; Fuel and energy; Technology; etc. If you would like to learn more about this course, there is a video and more information on the Cambridge website at

Mr. William, Global Perspectives Teacher