Learning about Sea in Nursery

We have seen wonderful progress in Nursery this term, with the children now used to the routines and transitions in our day.  The children are starting their transition into to the Emergent Phase of English speaking and listening and it’s wonderful to see them responding to and incorporating English into their day without thinking. 

This month in Nursery we have been looking at life under the sea.  We have used songs, books, art and play activities around this theme to build oral language development and understanding of the world.  The children have enjoyed learning about different sea creatures and frequently incorporate them into their play.  They use the sea creatures, shells and other materials in the room to synthesize and communicate their learning from songs, stories, art and videos.  

Now that we are establishing an oral language base we are beginning to work with different phonemic awareness activities.  The children enjoy rhymes, songs and games based on the sounds in words.  We have also begun work on name and numeral recognition by incorporating them into our routines and environment.  The children love picking their name by the beginning sound, and then sticking it to their photograph on the board. 

In Maths, we are learning about number and counting, and how to recognise, name and make 2 dimensional shapes.  We have also really enjoyed cooking and have graduated from making playdough to baking our own cookies.   It has been great to work with such an enthusiastic bunch of learners!