October’s Value – ‘A Sense of Adventure’

October’s Value – ‘A Sense of Adventure’

Education is like a voyage of discovery: instead of discovering new lands we seek new knowledge. Secure in our previous learning, we are prepared to take calculated risks, striving ever onwards towards our eventual aims and aspirations. We want our students to approach life with a real sense of adventure: to see how far they can push themselves, to be emotionally resilient – able to recover from the occasional slip-up or mistake, and determined to achieve. The reputation of our CIS students should be synonymous with an ability to go beyond what is expected; to have no fear of new challenges, but embrace them as part of the road to self-improvement and self-mastery; to become the best they can be. 

To inspire our students we had two special visitors at our assembly: Ms Polina Ermoshina (the Champion of the European Cup and Champion in skiing) and Ms Sofia Serkina (the youngest five-hold champion of the World and Champion of Europe in pentathlon).

Also this month, we have associated our Houses with some great pioneers from around the globe; formidable personalities who stand out – as giants on the world stage – beacons of light for others to follow; role models to aspire to be like, and who ultimately embody many of the values we hold dear. 

For our Lions (Red) House, we will also know them as Mandela House, after the former first black President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. His selfless actions did so much to overcome prejudice. Mandela spent 27 years in prison for trying to gain the same basic human rights for black people as for white. Finally released, he did much to bring about peace and reconciliation. He helped build a future all South Africans could believe in. 

For our Sharks (Blue) House, we have the daring Frenchman, Jacques Cousteau. He was a great explorer and inventor. He is a fantastic role model for our students because scuba diving was very dangerous and his inventions made scuba diving much safer, allowing people everywhere to take up this adventure sport; he discovered many un-explored ocean depths and alerted the world to the importance of conserving and protecting that part of our environment. 

Next, for our airborne enthusiasts, we have Eagle (Yellow) House. This House is now linked with the first woman to cross the Atlantic as a solo pilot – Amelia Earhart. This courageous American did much to improve the prospects of women in aviation, and other jobs historically seen as possible for men only. She broke new records when some still said women shouldn’t even be allowed to fly. She showed the world anyone can lead the way.

We started our month of adventure with Trip Week! Watch this space…

Mr Michael Leach, Headteacher