Ana Brkic's School life

Ana Brkic's School life

School is one of the best periods of your life. Some friends that you find in school stay with you for the rest of your life.

You are learning throughout your school life. Each student should try to make their school years the best ones of their life, because they never come back again. School teaches you to face challenges and problems in your life. You get only one chance to go to school, and you shouldn’t miss it. School makes you someone. It shows you who you are, and what you should do when you grow older.

Most people who have already finished school remember only the good things about it, although there can also be bad things like getting up in the morning. However, once you get used to getting up early in your early years, it’s good for you, because when you grow up you will need to get up even earlier than you do now.

Kids think that when they grow up they can do whatever they want. That is true, but growing up also means more work and responsibilities. You shouldn’t want to grow up fast because childhood is the best part of your life. So, when your parents tell you to use your time doing and learning new things, it is because they know, they have been there and they already know how important it is.

Homework! This is the word that most students don’t like. They don’t understand that homework teaches them to do work at home also, teach them perseverance and discipline.

Still, school is the best place in world, because only there you can learn and have fun in the same time.

Ana Brkic, Year 7 Student