Value of The Month: Consistency

Value of The Month: Consistency

What’s so great about consistency? Superficially, a fair question. However, if we try to recall any brand we associate with quality, it is usually one that has proven successful time and time again.

In one psychological experiment, a dollar bill was introduced with the head of the George Washington facing in the opposite direction. This ever-so-slightly unfamiliar note was consistently rated less valuable (in terms of what one could buy) despite being clearly labeled in exactly the same way, with the small exception. Participants of the study couldn’t explain their decisions, except to say that there is something bizarre about the bill that makes it somehow seem less valuable.

Some of you may say, I’m stretching things here a little, but please hear me out; I think it was all about ‘consistency’. Over a number of years, people have come to consistently associate the real dollar bill with a feeling of ‘worth’. 

If we make another small leap of imagination, we can see how students who consistently attain good marks, regularly attend school and always aspire to do their best, develop a kind of psychological consistency, and ‘value’ in how they perceive themselves and their efforts. Not only that, I suspect this whole process kind of makes ‘normal’ that feeling of success; in other words: success breeds success. The more they aim to succeed, the more natural it feels, ergo the easier it becomes.

So, having motivated our children to succeed, this January… 

                 ...let’s keep them consistently succeeding! Let’s normalise success!

Michael Leach,
Moscow Campus